The Most Savage Pranks of 2020!
FULLSEND in the Middle East!
This video sucks horn
6 måneder siden
NELK Is Going To Court!
8 måneder siden
Prank Calling Apple Support!
Grant Maddock
Grant Maddock 18 timer siden
All in favor of letting Jimmy Gambles go from Nelk.
Wenslley Pérez
Wenslley Pérez 18 timer siden
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 18 timer siden
The saddest love story in the history of love stories
Ivan Bautista
Ivan Bautista 18 timer siden
Dang rona Jessie smh now that’s not really a good thing 😭
zack quigley
zack quigley 18 timer siden
2021 rn
Joaquin Samson
Joaquin Samson 18 timer siden
So this is where they made a bet for salim to get a kill with the satchel
Not_Prey 18 timer siden
he's yakkin
Christian Wenskoski
Christian Wenskoski 18 timer siden
Nelk releases new the kid laroi music before he does
Ivan Bautista
Ivan Bautista 18 timer siden
Where’s the mugshots 😂
ELCORONA TIME 18 timer siden
Billaay Flaheeeveee
Billaay Flaheeeveee 18 timer siden
STEVE DEFINITELY BANGED THAT BLONDE HE SAID "Yeah yeah no I have a different strategy than them" after Kyle almost shit the bed 🤣🤣
Eddie Films
Eddie Films 18 timer siden
I miss this nelk
Mataz007 18 timer siden
kyles improv is actually pretty impressive
A's Outdoors
A's Outdoors 18 timer siden
Where’d Jesse go
Juiszy 18 timer siden
comment .
Lil Nemen ぁ
Lil Nemen ぁ 18 timer siden
robert gucci tv
Exoisontop 18 timer siden
best in the game
willy baumgartner
willy baumgartner 18 timer siden
Hey do you by chance know where the bathroom is sir🤣
Mario D
Mario D 18 timer siden
The sex ceremony was just awful, only Salim was funny
Sonny Heaver
Sonny Heaver 18 timer siden
Love these types of pranks man keep it up!!
Hunter Welch
Hunter Welch 18 timer siden
new guy still sucks
Diana Mohebi
Diana Mohebi 18 timer siden
uhhhh soon that vest goes hard Kyle I need one, y'all should make some full send ones
Dante Kidd
Dante Kidd 19 timer siden
Folklore humper
Folklore humper 19 timer siden
I wanna be their RIGHT NOW
2DEEP2MUCH 420 19 timer siden
You shook those pigs hands?
Caleb Dickson
Caleb Dickson 19 timer siden
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ShadowBolt Inc.
ShadowBolt Inc. 19 timer siden
Jimmy gotta go.
chris flannery
chris flannery 19 timer siden
5 months later and 590 thousand likes, time for you guys to hire him!! Like this so they get the hint!!!
Andrew Humphreys II 777
Andrew Humphreys II 777 19 timer siden
Andrew Humphreys II 777
Andrew Humphreys II 777 19 timer siden
Illigal gaybrial
BEY NYC 19 timer siden
peta will delete that
LaylaTheRoach !
LaylaTheRoach ! 19 timer siden
why’re they askin why they’re in the car- cause i want to god dang 🤨
PinkGapple 19 timer siden
normally love the videos this one just didnt hit for me but still love nelk
Adner Suazo
Adner Suazo 19 timer siden
“These are the men’s we look up too”
Beau Ryan-Curtin
Beau Ryan-Curtin 19 timer siden
gambles debut
Roman nuñez
Roman nuñez 19 timer siden
THAT is NOT south america that is MID AMERICA
Cristiana Goncalves
Cristiana Goncalves 19 timer siden
This is disrespectful to their beliefs
Mikey Marley
Mikey Marley 19 timer siden
Dave Penney
Dave Penney 19 timer siden
Is it my or is Kyle grimy
Robert Potesta II
Robert Potesta II 19 timer siden
Are you allowed to lay pipe during the ceremony? 😂😂
Dylan Holman
Dylan Holman 19 timer siden
This is the best example that everyone should move to Florida
Shred With Fil
Shred With Fil 19 timer siden
Be super arrogant to old people
Adner Suazo
Adner Suazo 19 timer siden
We film with Steve, “there’s no beer left” 😂😂
SeedLessWaterMelon 19 timer siden
You can’t bring guns to cali to many gun laws like way to ducking many
Tyler McMillan
Tyler McMillan 19 timer siden
Fuck 905
sherlockhobbes 19 timer siden
this is amazing
Stekxey 20 timer siden
Sonny Valenciano
Sonny Valenciano 20 timer siden
they're treated nice for being white
Da Liu
Da Liu 20 timer siden
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Cihanator 20 timer siden
I can’t hahah
Laith Abuaqel
Laith Abuaqel 20 timer siden
I love you Kyle
Hal 20 timer siden
Bruh when they pull up to the second part: “Sex Tantra” it looks like the scene from spongebob where hes gotta save the squirrel girl from the tower with all the bosses.
Caleb Dickson
Caleb Dickson 20 timer siden
The handy damage intrestingly precede because fruit grossly scratch amidst a recondite cocoa. scientific, beneficial pancreas
jefferson cristobal
jefferson cristobal 20 timer siden
if that was in the Philippines, the police would plant meth in the car to extort the victims l
EMJOS 20 timer siden
Love fuckin nelk
willy baumgartner
willy baumgartner 20 timer siden
willy baumgartner
willy baumgartner 20 timer siden
Oscar Corza
Oscar Corza 20 timer siden
When he moans n the message place classic
willy baumgartner
willy baumgartner 20 timer siden
Y’all got Steve good💀
Rasmus Riber
Rasmus Riber 20 timer siden
Arz2003 20 timer siden
So many snitches whiteknight minions at job fields
I W26
I W26 20 timer siden
Lfg #nelk #fullsend
Nowujalo Official
Nowujalo Official 20 timer siden
Love that raptor jersey 👌
Andrea Roll
Andrea Roll 20 timer siden
well you should have offered some coke at the cops after that
Simon Wing
Simon Wing 20 timer siden
So much for every Monday
bk bk
bk bk 20 timer siden
"i know you got standards and all....but I GOT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"
XenoChrist 20 timer siden
I just realized I never seen these people and yet I have only heard how annoying they are. I understand why
Dab Guy
Dab Guy 20 timer siden
Daniel Moncaster
Daniel Moncaster 20 timer siden
Salim pretending he’d black when he’s clearly Middle Eastern or North African is cringe
daniel batres
daniel batres 20 timer siden
The illustrious t-shirt complementarily obey because summer spatially scream above a panicky cone. like, motionless wound
Diana Mohebi
Diana Mohebi 20 timer siden
you guys need to go to Antarctica and explore places we cant go
Ricardo G 321
Ricardo G 321 20 timer siden
Jacob Herrera
Jacob Herrera 20 timer siden
What happened to them when stuff was in their nose? Did they trip?
GorD 20 timer siden
It would be so 200 iq if there would be real cocaine in the cans
Gabe Romero
Gabe Romero 20 timer siden
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail 20 timer siden
That professor is straight up Robbin Williams vibes in Dead Poet Society. I bet he was excited someone even asked a question like that. Then was heartbroken when the kid left. Like a movie lol.
Zhacrey 20 timer siden
12:33 mans sounds like elmo when he laugh
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail 20 timer siden
That professor was sooo dope.
[ ToneGtDemHandz ]
[ ToneGtDemHandz ] 21 time siden
Chee town lol you mean CHI TOWN?! Don't take a wrong turn and wind up in chiraq lol